Airs- strong feelings 4 any1 who calls them cute bc they know they r not

Tarus- big head

Gemeni- kind of good looking

Cancer- smart, strong, beautiful, perfect. do not come for them

Leo- wimps

Virgin- cautious and not trusting 

Liberal- smart asses but never know what they talkin abt

Scorpion- manipulative but every1 looks past it bc they r hot

Saggitarius- do not come into contact with them no matter wat

Capricon- horny 24/7

Aquariums- K…

Pieces- ugly

The cancer one is perfect! Yay!!

This list is made of bull shit

This can’t be life!

I spent 10 hours of 24 with an ex of mine who’s been talking freaky shit all week we hit the gun range Bar Louie two dope ass restaurants a preview of Guardians of the Galaxy, while in the movie she rubbing the dick stroking it shit is making good traction we get to my place now she gotta go, real shit I was prepared to show her God is real, and now this shit, her ass is on the blocked list indefinitely